Levulan Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy

Actinic Keratoses Treatment PDT Dallas

Levulan® Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is an effective treatment for minimally to moderately thick actinic keratoses (AKs) of the face or scalp in our Dallas, TX patients. Levulan® PDT is a unique treatment because it consists of a special topical solution that is applied to AK lesions followed by exposure of the treated lesions to a patented BLU-U® blue light. The benefits of this treatment are:
  • 75%-100% clearance of AKs in the majority of patients
  • Good to excellent cosmetic response (Data on file, DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.®)
  • Generally well tolerated by patients
  • Treatment is covered by Medicare and many insurance companies
Treatment works by using a frequency of light that matches the topical solution that the skin absorbs, allowing the light to specifically target AKs. Photodynamic Therapy is perfect for Dallas area men and women with AKs in sensitive areas such as the face and scalp, and is performed by the physicians at Dermatology Center of Dallas in two quick in-office visits. There is no surgery or daily medication required, and recovery begins immediately after the treament ends. Photodynamic Therapy Dallas

How does Photodynamic Therapy Work?

Levulan PDT is a 2-part treatment
  • Application of Levulan Kerastick Topical Solution, 20% to target lesions
The ALA within the solution is absorbed and converted into PpIX, a photosensitizer, by the targeted cells during the time of incubation.
  • BLU-U blue light photodynamic illumination of treated lesions
Following incubation, BLU-U light exposure activates PpIX which then transfers the light energy to molecular oxygen which becomes cytotoxic singlet oxygen, causing targeted cell death.

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